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Frequently Asked Questions About Promotional Products (FAQ)

Buying Promotional Products, Clothing and Gifts the process is going to be easier when you team up with a supplier who knows their products and industry.  As Industry Veterans and 15-year members of the Australasian Promotional Products Association  we are in a better position than most to answer your FAQ’s, here goes:

  1. How do the prices work on your site – what’s included?
    When you arrive on a product gallery page that shows many different items you will see a price that says something like ‘from $1.27 each’ under each image, that is the price of a large quantity buy.  Simply click on the product image you like to visit the individual product page.  On this page, you can clearly see the product cost for different supply quantities.  It will show, on the right-hand side under ‘standard decoration’, what the standard decoration is.
    99.9% of the products on the site are costed with basic decoration.
  2. Do prices include logo decoration?
    Yes, every single one of them – simply look at the ‘standard decoration’ on each product page (see above). There are a few different types of decoration available – read about them here.
    All prices include basic decoration and set up.
  3. Can I get another type of decoration or more print colours on the product?
    If it’s possible yes!  If the standard decoration shown is a 1 colour print but if you need a 2 colour print simply call us on 1300 303 717 or submit a ‘FAST QUOTE’ form and we will have pricing back to you fast.
    Simply call and ask us about decorations if you are unsure.
  4. Can I get a product sample?
    Yes, of course.  We like to quote and qualify prospects before doing so though, we will also have to charge for samples if you want lots or they are expensive.
    Sampling is important and we are here to help with them.
  5. Can I have a formal quote?
    Yes – there are two options: 1/ Fill out the ‘FAST QUOTE’ form on the product page you would like quoted.  Our salespeople will supply you with an email quote within 2 hours.  This quote will be rock solid and include everything.  2/ If you want a ‘really’ formal quote – on a separate letter headed document simply call and ask us – we can have this to you within 2 hours also.
    Tell us what you need – we like to say ‘yes’!
  6. Artwork is confusing me – can you help?
    Yes!, we are here to help.  There are a few things you need to know about artwork – the first thing is – we can answer your questions instantly by calling 1300 303 717.  If you would like to read about artwork you can do so here: promotional products artwork requirements. (Second Tab)
    Artwork does not need to be confusing.
  7. I only have a Jpeg /Bitmap / GIF file can you use these?
    Yes, but maybe not immediately.  If your art is not up to scratch we will not use it, we will redraw it into a high resolution that will give us a high-quality reproduction of your logo that will make both your chosen product and logo look great. Professional redraws can cost money depending on your needs – call and talk with us for advice tailored to your needs. We offer a unique redraw service called our logo pack which you can see here: Logo Redraws
    Your logo may be on the back of a beer mat, whatever logo format you have we can use!
  8. Do I get printed samples of the product as part of the order?
    This is usually not required.  Making an individual sample is costly and requires a print run of 1 item (very expensive).  In our experience, most people who ask this question have reservations about spending money without knowing what they are going to get.  That’s completely natural!  At Promotion Products we provide a proof for every single item that you buy from us – we show exactly the product colours and decoration outcome.  These proofs are designed to show you all the things you need to move your order into production - with absolute peace of mind.  If you would like a physical ‘printed production sample’ we do understand that this is sometimes required.  You will be charged at cost for the production of this.
    Proofs show you what you are going to get decorated – they are free!
  9. How much can we print or how big can my decoration be?
    As big as you want it usually!  The size of printing or decorating varies massively depending on the item you choose.  Our graphic artists draw upon their experience to make a decoration ‘best fit’ on your chosen item.  This means they will, with their product and art knowledge, size your decoration to have maximum impact.  This does not mean printing as big as possible all the time though! a trained design eye will size and position the decoration differently on different products.  As part of the order process you are given a proof to show exactly what size your logo will be.  Of course after receiving your proof you can instruct us to change things.  Although we know our products and artwork nobody knows your brand like you – we will ultimately follow your instructions and nothing gets printed without your approval.
    Trained graphic artists are at hand to produce the ultimate decoration outcome for you.
  10. How fast is delivery?
    At Promotion Products we are proud of our reputation as industry leaders and have innovated for years – faster production times is something we are proud to have brought to the Promotional Industry.  Each product varies as to how long it takes.  As a rough guide any item that takes longer than 4 weeks will have that mentioned on the product page (these are only about 2% of our products) most other things can be supplied 1-3 weeks.  Call for specific advice about your promotion and it’s timelines.
    We will bend over backwards to accommodate any reasonable request.
  11. How long is freight, how much is freight?
    This brown land we call Australia is big so if you are in Broome and need something delivered in 48 hours that is going to require an extraordinary solution.  Say the product you need in Broome is 250 water bottles – air freighting them is going to cost – a lot!  Alternatively, you may need your pen order delivered in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or other major centres – no problem at – that will be with you in around 1-2 days and will cost not much more than $20!  Freight costs depend on what we are sending and where. However, we will always charge you at cost and send you the most efficient way possible.  We can quote you exact freight costs – just ask.
    Over 80% of our orders have a freight cost of less than $30+GST.
  12. Can I get smaller quantities?
    We set minimum quantities at a level that get you promo items at a reasonable cost and allows us to professionally manage your order.   If we start slashing minimum order quantities (MOQ’s) the price goes way up as we have set costs that are incorporated into the individual price shown.  So if you want to know if you can get smaller quantities the answer is usually yes but the price will be much higher on each item.  Say the website states a pen has a MOQ of 500 and they are $.80+GST each - your total spend will be $400+GST.  If want only 250 units we still have set costs that we have to cover – freight, artwork, shooting film, making printing plates, print machine preparation, print machine clean down, job management time….  The cost will not drop massively from $400.
    As a general rule the minimum spend on logo branded items is $350-$500+GST.
  13. How do I order and what happens then?
    Ordering is easy: you can email, fax it or can use our online order form here.  Our order process is simple and can be read about here: order process  In short when you order we will contact you and arrange a proof for you to sign-off.  The product will then go into production and be dispatched directly to you for fast delivery!
    Rest assured: our order process is simple and designed to be easy for you – the customer.
  14. We are a charity – can you discount?
    We are extremely sympathetic to the needs of charities and other not-for-profit organisations – tell us what you need and we will bend over backwards to help however we can.
    Charities often receive discounts and, sometimes, further assistance for special events.
  15. Can you price match?
    Sure, why not, we did after all pioneer this idea: Value Promise, however, we cannot guarantee to beat any price as all promo items are not the same.
    We will not sacrifice your brand image to win a job with a low quality, low priced item.
  16. Do you ship overseas?
    We have scores of customers in the Pacific area, however, we will need to send these items to your Australian freight forwarder.  We cannot directly export due to licensing restrictions.
    We will help any overseas buyer with a purchase.
  17. Can you send a sales rep to see us?
    We are an online company with Australia’s lowest pricing so simply cannot deliver you low-cost supplies whilst maintaining sales reps:  you found us online…..!
    Our focus is online efficiency and lower costs – we can get you samples to view (see #4)
  18. Where you based?
    Our HQ is in Brisbane however, and more importantly, we ship from Sydney. Melbourne and Brisbane meaning that your supplies are normally coming to you from a local location for the majority of buyers.
    We are an Australian owned and based company with clients nationwide.
  19. Arrrgghhh!! – I can’t find what I need – can you help?
    Of course – call 1300 303 717 – we have knowledgeable staff that is ready to help. Alternatively, check out the search function on the upper left-hand side of each page.
    We will supply any promotional item that is available at the lowest costs possible.