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Slip, Slop, Slap and stay protected from the sun this summer with the help of our promotional sunscreens.  Designed for Aussies, our high quality Australian made options are a must have.  Don't miss out!


High Quality Promotional Sunscreen: Corporate and Sachets

Step this way into our superstore for Australian Made Sunscreen (SPF50+) branded with your corporate logo or message all at low prices and with super-fast production and delivery.

Here at Promotion Products we value your health and well-being and as such there are certain factories we will not deal our recommendation whither you buy from us or not is to find a TGA compliant product.  Whatsmore we don't charge GST on our sunscreen (read more about this below).

Therapeutic Goods Administration Compliant: read more about this here. 

When you click on the images below you will see that on some of the susncreen tubes we have to quote you each product (unlike 98% of our other items). This is so we can offer the best price according to your own requirements and offer the actual sunscreen GST free, yes it's a bit of hassle but you will get a great deal! Call us now on 1300 303 717 and lodge your enquiry!

Sunscreen: Our Value Promise to you!

Promotion Products aims to provide Australia with the best value in Custom Branded Sunscreen and Sunblock. Read on for details of our 3 way value promise.

Low Costs

Whither your require Corporate Sunscreen with a Carabiner or sachets for a giveaway with your private label our mission is to offer the most competitive prices in Australia for Sunscreen. With this in mind, we compare prices to check that we are competitive. If you do see another company selling similar sunscreen for a better price we will endeavour to better their quot if you bring it to our attention. We offer you only quality sunscreen tubes for your corporate promotion of sachets as a sunscreen giveaway. These Aussie Made tubes are offered GST. This can only be done as the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration has approved our sunscreen supplies. Yes, you will have to pay for the actual printing and custom branding of the packs but the actual product is exempt from tax.

Product Quality

At Promotion Products we understand that the products you choose are also representing your brand. With this in mind we will only recommend products that we know will enhance your message that is why all our Sunscreen is Australian Made and TGA approved.

Customer Service

Let us take the worry out of arranging Promotional Products for you. We are committed to providing you with attentive and professional service from your first call through to delivery of your products.

We look forward to your call - the best number is 1300 303 717 - call and ask what we can do for you!